We’re pleased to be well-connected with a community of practitioners, industry leaders, and other professionals who understand the value of CBD. We have a special thank you to the following individuals and businesses for their support and collaboration.

Liat Nadler, Nutritionist at Just Eat Well 

Liat Nadler is the engineer-turned-clinical nutritionist behind Just Eat Well. Just Eat Well offers nutritional counseling, classes, coaching, and plant-based personal chef services to promote healthier diet and life style choices for individuals, families, and athletes.

Amanda Allen, Massage Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Patricia Patton, Public Speaker & Writer

“Better known as Cannaboomer, Patricia A. Patton is a market consultant specializing in how to communicate to baby boomers and the elder population in the emerging cannabis and hemp space. She serves on the SXSW Board of Advisors and has written for publications that include Dope Magazine, Civilized Life, EstroHaze, Honeysuckle Magazine, and Spin Sucks. Her superpower is that she can see herself in people who are not like her.”

Krystal Meyer, Massage Therapist

Lisa Chulich, USA  Rock Climber

Vancouver Wellness Studio

Vancouver Wellness Studio offers collaborative healthcare for the mind, body and spirit

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