The Frogsong Story

From Our Family To Yours

Our Mission is to help people regain life’s possibilities!

We Began…

Co-founder Connie Coston is an avid gardener. She has been since childhood, when she planted primrose beneath the citrus trees outside her bedroom window. Gardening is an essential part of her life. As an adult she has juggled work, raised three boys, and still finds time to garden.

As a lifelong seeker of knowledge, she is drawn to her garden and the life lessons it teaches her. She nurtures the little plants and tends them as they grow to produce spectacular flowers, delicious vegetables, and sweet fruits. It takes care, hard work, and at times struggle and problem solving; yet when the garden flourishes, so does her happiness. It brings her great contentment and joy! For her, gardening is an expression of life.

In 2016 she developed an injury in her wrist that kept her from gardening. She was in pain and missing her favorite hobby. When a friend offered her a CBD salve it was her first introduction to CBD. It brought amazing relief from swelling and eased her pain both before and after corrective surgery. Between surgery, physical therapy, hard work, and yep, you guessed it, a little CBD, she recovered and is happily back in the garden every chance she gets (and still using CBD!).

After seeing the healing benefits of CBD firsthand, our family had a meeting to discuss growing Craft Hemp on our farm. It checked all the boxes for us: making a natural product that improves people’s lives, as well as the health of our land and community. And to top it all off we get to do that with family. Chuck Adams — our fearless leader, CEO, and loving husband and father — assembled an amazingly talented team of individuals to form Frogsong Farm. Our aim is to grow and produce the highest quality full-spectrum CBD products on the market, and to give our customers comfort and relief from their daily aches, pains, or anxieties. We strive to provide a product to improve people’s quality of life and help them regain life’s possibilities!

Our Name, Frogsong,

comes from the amazing sound the frogs make in late winter when breeding season starts—around the first week of February. We have a large pond edged by woods in the back corner of our property. It is here the frogs gather and the party begins.

In one of the first years on the farm, we decided to venture back toward the pond in an attempt to fully experience the frog song. On a cold, dark, winter night we started a walk to the pond. Our unspoken agreement was that we would not talk or make a sound. We carefully moved toward the pond while the volume of the frog song grew louder. As we neared the edge of the woods, one of us stepped on a fallen branch which SNAPPED with a loud crack. All sounds were instantly silenced. We froze in place. The only sound we could hear was our own breathing. Quietly, a single nearby frog croaked “Ribbit”. Across the pond we heard an answering “Ribbit”. Then another. And another! Within moments the level of frog song “Ribbits” returned to a loud symphony.

For 10 more minutes we stayed, silently smiling back and forth to each other, filled with nature’s delight! When we returned to the house, it took some time for our ears to stop ringing. Who knew frogs could make such a loud noise?

Every winter the frog song reminds us that the season is changing. The cold of winter will soon be gone, and springtime is coming. The earth renews and is refreshed. Our products are able to offer many people the ability to relieve their pain or anxiety, to refresh their bodies. We smile when hearing the frogs—knowing warmer, sunnier days are on their way.

Frogsong’s Core Principles:

  • We believe that our earth requires greater care.
  • We believe healthy soil makes healthy people, and ORGANIC is the way to go.
  • We believe in leaving the planet and our communities better than we found them.
  • We believe that the healthier and happier we are as individuals, the stronger we are as a community.
  • We believe that by working to bring health to the world around us we heal ourselves.
  • We believe our customers deserve the best products and service we can offer!

Our customer promise is to craft the highest quality CBD products in the market to help provide comfort while offering excellent customer service and support. We strive to make your purchase experience simple and informative.

Our promise

If you aren’t happy with your product from Frogsong Farm, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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