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About Frogsong Farm’s new Aloe Body Balm:

This is a water-based anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving rub comprised of Aloe Vera, CBD extract, and skin-nourishing Lemon Verbena.

While similar to our oil-based Rubbit topical salve in its application method, there are key
differences that make Body Balm an essential product in any medicine cabinet.

Frogsong Farm’s Body Balm is:
 Water-based
 Rapidly Absorbing
 Soothing to sunburns
 Great for use under clothing- no chance of oil stains.

We strive to continuously improve as an earth-friendly company. To that end, we are
transitioning to glass jars, which are recyclable and more sustainably produced. These one and
two-ounce jars may appear smaller than their plastic counterparts, but rest assured they
contain the exact same amount of pain-relieving product in every jar.

When to Use: Our light and sunny Body Balm lends itself well to morning applications, while the
richer Rubbit salve performs best overnight with many hours to soak in and condition skin.
How to Use: Apply Body Balm directly to the area needing relief: perhaps a sore shoulder,
arthritic joints, or an inflamed knee. Simply massage it into the affected area until full absorbed.
Allow 10-15 minutes for effects before additional applications.

Body Balm has anti-microbial properties thanks to the Lemon Verbena essential oil, and should
easily stay fresh until you finish the jar. To maximize quality, store your Body Balm fully sealed,
in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Body Balm stores best beside a jar of Rubbit salve and a bottle of Drops CBD oil!

Stay tuned for launch date… just a few weeks to go..

Becca & the Frogsong Family

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