The Case For CBD

Why CBD?

The Problem

Pain, be it physical or emotional, afflicts millions of people worldwide. Those who suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic back pain, arthritis and other ailments have insufficient and ineffective remedies available to them. The pharmaceutical industry’s answer to pain is to mask it with opiates or serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These substances are addictive, expensive and often leave people worse than they were before.

The Solution

Enter cannabis, whose effects on a wide array of conditions are gaining traction and acclaim. THC-heavy strains of the ancient plant have psychoactive effects that intimidate people. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a lesser known cannabis compound sold in many natural foods markets that doesn’t get people high. It is often misunderstood, mislabeled and produced with low quality ingredients and in insufficient doses. Consumers in search of pain relief may have never heard of CBD, they may negatively associate it with marijuana, or they’ve tried a weak product that did nothing for them.

This highly effective alternative to prescription drugs isn’t reaching the numbers of people that it can help.

Why Frogsong Farm

Most CBD producers don’t grow, extract and produce their CBD tinctures and balms; instead they buy hemp from China and Canada and make subpar products in a laboratory.

Frogsong Farm’s CBD-infused products are affordable, non-addictive and safe. Our rigorous research into the best organic grow methods and extraction techniques led to a pure and powerful product infused with the right amount of CBD to make an impact, marked with clear dosage information.

Frogsong’s products turn skeptics into fanatics, and the team works hard to educate consumers about how to maximize the benefits of CBD and to avoid varieties that won’t do them any good. Some of our customers have used Frogsong Farm CBD products to wean themselves off of opiates and antidepressants.  Frogsong Farm’s CBD doesn’t just allow people to manage their pain, it helps them bring the natural systems which regulate their bodies back into balance.

Frogsong’s customers suffer from a wide variety of pains, but hadn’t before found a solution that is safe, affordable and effective. These customers are athletes recovering from or seeking to prevent injury; senior citizens; and men and women of all ages who cope with chronic mental and physical conditions. We are willing to do whatever it takes to help our people live a pain-free, balanced life.

Everything about Frogsong’s process is carefully designed to respect this sophisticated plant and to make an effective medicine that surpasses any established standard. The farm is vertically integrated to curate each step from seed to shelf. Frogsong buys seed grown specifically for this soil and climate from the best Willamette Valley breeders. The team plants in organic Fertilpots that decompose directly into the soil, eliminating transplant shock and waste.
We fight bad bugs and disease not with pesticides, but with cover crops that nurture beneficial insects, restoring the natural balance of fauna and flora necessary to make the land fertile and productive without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Frogsong built our extraction system by hand so we could handle the plants with the care and sensitivity required to maximize their benefits. Even as the company grows, we make products in small batches to keep a vigilant eye on quality.

Frogsong sells its products at accessible prices and with an ironclad guarantee. If you don’t like it, we’ll give you back your money, period.