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PODCAST: Frogsong Farm featured on Periodic Effects

By becca

Let’s Talk! We’re fortunate as craft hemp farmers to be receiving so much enthusiasm and support from our friends in the cannabis industry. After all, […]

October Harvest & News!

By becca

Greetings Did you know October is our birthday month? This month we’re celebrating two years in business. It’s been our pleasure to be your hemp farmers […]

August Growing Update

By becca

Last week we had a chance to sit down with Brett Adams, our lead grower and resident soil buff, to hear an update on how […]

Honey, Pork, & Berries- Oh My! Eat Local with Farm & Sell

By becca

“KNOW YOUR FARMER” has become the mantra of health buffs in recent years. We are returning to slow food. Chefs, personal trainers, and sustainability activists […]

KGW8 Coverage: CBD (Video)

By becca

Cannabidiol’s moment in the spotlight is upon us! CBD beer.. puppy treats googletest… bath bombs… snacks… nowadays you can add it to your smoothie or […]

The Heart of Frogsong: Byrdie McCoy’s interview with Becca Recker

By becca

*  *  *  *  * (*This interview was originally published on the Byrdie’s Babes website. Byrdie McCoy is an amazing, resilient, bright star of a […]