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2019 Partnerships

We’re pleased to be well-connected with a community of practitioners, industry leaders, and other professionals who understand the value of CBD. We have a special thank you to the following individuals and businesses for their support and collaboration. Liat Nadler, Nutritionist at Just Eat Well  Liat Nadler is the engineer-turned-clinical nutritionist behind Just Eat Well. […]

Healthy Chocolate CBD Cookies Recipe

One of the beautiful things about CBD is the wide variety of ways to consume it. We know that sublingual tinctures are a consistent and effective delivery method, but what if you want to change up your routine? Know someone who wants to use CBD oil but doesn’t care for the taste or experience of […]

Honey, Pork, & Berries- Oh My! Eat Local with Farm & Sell

“KNOW YOUR FARMER” has become the mantra of health buffs in recent years. We are returning to slow food. Chefs, personal trainers, and sustainability activists all tout the benefits of being connected to your food source. Why eat local? Because fresh, locally grown food not only has better flavor and a more robust nutrition profile, […]