Warm Greetings, Friends Near and Far!

The Turkey has been eaten, the Christmas trees are tinseled, and so another year comes to a close. What was this year made of for you? Perhaps it was full of high notes: laughter and travel and ease. What about frustrations, course-corrections, difficulty or loss? We’ve felt some of those as well. One thing is sure: this year deserves a moment of pause. Take a deep breath, inhale… exhale… to reflect, appreciate, let go, and look ahead. Make time to slow down this Holiday season and honor all that 2018 brought in.

We’re in the midst of a quieter month at Frogsong Farm. One harvest is done, another planting is just around the corner – but for now, even the land is taking time to rest. We’re reflecting on our successes, tending to fine details, shipping out orders, and preparing for the season to come. There are big changes on the horizon.


The biggest change? Congress just voted to federally legalize hemp! This move has promising implications for CBD research and regulation and the creation of new jobs, farms and businesses. Add to that the potential for domestic hemp to strengthen rural economies and support ecological sustainability on a national scale. These are exciting times! Stay tuned with us this year as we follow along the process of legalization and how it affects farms like ours and CBD users like you.

In other news, we were pleased to be featured in Newsweek’s “Beyond Black Friday” lineup. Click here to read the article (Frogsong Farm is #9.). Writer Winston Ross says, “I’m generally a skeptic… I started taking a daily dose of tincture from Frogsong Farm. Within a few days, I was less irritable, calmer, more balanced.”

Shipping Update

Beginning January 1st, all orders over $50 will receive free shipping within the United States (after any discounts have been applied). Smaller orders will incur a small shipping fee. Thank you for helping us keep our prices among the best values in the industry! 

From Our Founders

We have much to reflect on this past year.  We are incredibly thankful for the talent and contributions of our team! They amaze us, teach us, and bring laughter into our lives.

We are also humbled by the stories our customers share with us of relief and healing.  You are the heart of what we do. -Connie Coston & Chuck Adams

In Closing

Approaching New Year’s Eve, many of us will begin thinking in terms of reflection and resolution. Perhaps this year we can focus our resolve less on calories and self-improvement efforts, and more on being fully alive, as we are, for each day. We would like to draw some simple inspiration from poet Mary Oliver:

“Instructions for living a life. 
Pay attention. 
Be astonished. 
Tell about it.”

Sounds good to us.

It’s been a year filled with many things; growing, nurturing, making new friends, celebrating small victories and reviewing mistakes made…in short it’s been a year of living!!! We view each of you, our customers, as members of the Frogsong Farm family and we wish you peace, laughter and health through the tail end of 2018 and through the full course of the coming year.

Warm wishes,

All Of Us at Frogsong Farm: Chuck, Connie, Chris,
Lissa, David, Brett, Reid, Bob, Jeff, Sven & Becca

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