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Frogsong Farm Drops Plus is our strongest Organic Olive Oil based tincture. There are many uses including: Under the tongue; mixed with food and drink; as a massage oil.

  • Drops Plus is available in two sizes: 1 oz | 2 oz
    • 1 oz has 750 mg Full Spectrum CBD
    • 2 oz has 1500 mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • Organically grown in the Willamette valley of Oregon, USA
  • 30 day customer satisfaction and guarantee
  • FREE SHIPPING on all orders $50+ in the USA!
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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Full Spectrum CBD oil.

About CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of many cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that reacts with the endocannabinoid system, a vast network of cell receptors found throughout the human body to provide homeostasis (balance). CBD will NOT get you high. Our CBD is extracted from Hemp.

Basic Information

Tinctures combine CBD hemp oil into a liquid, making it easy to consume using a dropper. Frogsong Farm’s Drops and Drops Plus are designed to use a dropper filled to 1.0ml under your tongue (and held for at least 60-90 seconds) or mixed in food or drink.

Serving Size Guide

Dropper fill lineDrops (mg CBD)Drops Plus (mg CBD)


Additional information


1 oz, 2 oz

Suggested Serving Size

25mg CBD per dropper full (1.0ml)

46 reviews for Drops Plus

  1. Lucy Fleming

    It took me a while to find Frogsong Farm and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been using the Drops Plus tincture for over a year and it helps me immensely with my sleep. My big problem is waking up during the night and then not being able to fall back asleep. The Drops Plus have made it possible for me to now fall back asleep quite quickly after waking up.

  2. David Pepin

    I purchased this to help handle anxiety and also to help sleep. They have helped a ton with the anxiety. Would definitely recommend

  3. SS

    I’m updating my review from May of 2019. I’ve been using the Drops Plus since April of 2019. And as I said in my previous review, the customer service is excellent. Many, many thanks.

  4. Margaret Hopper

    Drops plus are fantastic. If I miss my drops I really know it! When I first began researching CBD oil Frog Song Farm was recommended to me. I called and Chris was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. I received an order today with a sample of “Rubbit”- I can’t wait to try it!

  5. Ryan Schwartz

    Have tried both the regular and the plus drops and love them both! They both really help ease my anxiety and help me start the day off on the right foot.

  6. Jana Horne

    This CBD has been life changing. Drops Plus has helped me turn a corner in my health. I started with just using the body balm (which I also LOVE!). It worked so well on the areas where I applied that I knew I was ready to give the drops a try. LIFE. CHANGING. I’m so grateful for the relief I have gotten from daily use.

  7. Alex

    My husband and I absolutely love this product! I use it more occasionally and it works wonders every time. My husband uses it almost every day and he swears by it. 1000% recommend this!

  8. alenvermillion

    Love this product, ordered the 2 ounce bottle and really happy with the consistent quality and benefits from the CBD. 10/10 would recommend to anyone seeking alternative relief.

  9. Stuart Grant

    I have written a few product reviews on Amazon for products but I’m generally one of those quiet shoppers. However, my wife and I visited our daughter in Portland a couple of years ago and she took us the farmers market. Wandering around, we came upon the Frogsong Farm booth. Long story short, I got tried a bit of Rubbit 250. Within 10 minutes I realized I felt great. I was amazed, I had never tried CBD before then. We cut back across the markets grounds and bought Rubbit 500 and a bottle of drops. I wrote a review shortly after. It was my first ever. I eventually start taking the drops and haven’t quit. I notice things irritate me more easily when I get involved with something and miss a morning dose of Drops Plus. I am a generally calm person. I have all of the Frogsong Farm products in my home and could easily write a page about all of them. They are worth every penny to my wife and me. We live in San Diego and similar products are available locally and easy to get. Great family and small business. We will keep buying from Frogsong Farm.
    We will visit the Farm when we get past the Covid-19 pandemic. Hang in there everyone. We are all in it together and together we will overcome.

  10. LG

    I can’t say enough good things about Frogsong and the DropsPlus. Simply put, the drops work and the people are amazing. A little goes a long way so I always feel good investing in these, and I love supporting a local business!

  11. KB

    Great product and fast shipping!

  12. Karen

    This product continues to help with me with a number of physical issues!

  13. Timothy Grimes

    Amazing. I was a heavy kratom user beforehand but had huge withdrawals from it so I decided to try this and it works amazingly and seems to last alot longer.

  14. Karen

    Very fast shipping!
    I ordered my drops on 11/21 and took the last of my last drops this morning. My new bottle was in my mailbox this afternoon!
    I am finding that the CBD oil is also helping!
    I really recommend this product!!

  15. Karen

    I switched over to 750 mg Full Spectrum CBD, I am finding that I only have to take it twice daily.
    I share it with my 12 year old pitbull also. It helps him a lot!
    Chris is very helpful with all my questions! Shipping is fast!
    I love that I found a place that creates the CBD oil from beginning to end. It is important that I know where my CBD comes from.
    Thank you Frogsong Farms!

  16. Kevin Richoux

    Have been using the 1500mg drops for two months now. The change after using the drops for only one week was mind boggling to me and so glad I happened upon them at the local farmer’s market. Have also referred friends and family (an aunt that is 78 yo) that are now using the product and they are all just as happy.

  17. Phillip Deas

    These drops are fantastic. I highly recommend this product.

  18. Todd Stuart, Atlanta GA

    I’ve tried several different brands of CBD on the market and this by far has the best results for me. I ordered 2oz Drops Plus because I wanted the best tincture product offered. Online order delivered in 2 days. 2oz has 60 doses so it’s really lasting.I appreciated how it is organically and domestically delivered to the market. It’s very clean tasting and effective. I initially used Drops Plus in the morning and found them to be very effective. I then heard people use CBD for better sleep and Drops Plus also delivered on that front. Highly recommend!!

  19. Helen S.

    I bought these drops at a farmers’ market, and are they a life changer! Since I began putting these drops beneath my tongue before I go to bed, I now sleep through the night! THANK YOU, Frogsong Farms!

  20. Denyce Biewer

    My 95 year old mother is very independent and stubborn, so is not one to attribute her comfort to anything but her lifestyle, but family is noticing that she seems to be more physically comfortable since starting the product. She is only taking .5 ml two or three times a day, so she has potential to up her dosage as she continues on. Thank you for your great product!

  21. SK

    I have been using the CBD Plus drops and it has helped with my anxiety a lot. My friend who referred me to Frog Song Farms CBD said it would help a ton and she was right. Thankful for her suggestion.

  22. Susan

    I have been using the CBD Plus drops. I’m amazed at how great it works. I will never be without it.

  23. Opal

    We use the cbd drops and balm. It works. I sleep like a baby. I’m so glad we found it. We tell everyone about how it works. Yep awesome.

  24. Rick in Oregon

    I was a CBD skeptic before discovering that Frogsong Farm Rubbit 500 and Drops Plus not only made an amazing difference with some foot issues but also, as an added bonus, heloped with another issue I was dealing with. Thanks to those products I can now walk in a normal manner and can sleep comfortably.

  25. Teri Laos

    I started using the drops 2 months ago after trying all kinds of other products over the past 2 years, these drops are the most effective for me. My mother also says they work best for her and don’t bother her stomach like other products have. Love that they are local to Portland and at our local farmers markets as well. Shipping is also very quick,
    Thank you

  26. Pattie

    I have been using Drops Plus for about a year and they are truly the best. I strayed once (DON’T TELL THEM) and I won’t do it again!

  27. SS

    Please note that this review may be a bit premature, as I purchased the Drops Plus only a little while ago.

    However, I’m reviewing and rating now based on the fact that the customer service I’ve received from Chuck by way of email correspondence, as well as the delivery process – product arrived sensibly packaged and in a super timely way, with updated tracking info and good, clear communication every step of the way – has been truly impressive. Seriously, top-shelf (in the North American sense of the term).

    As for the actual product, I’ve been taking that daily just shy of a month now and I think I’m feeling overall calmer and more balanced. I’ve used other CBD in the past, and this seems to me to be really high quality.

    Also, I like that the dropper that comes with is marked at 0.25, 0.50., 0.75, and 1, and that they include a chart for how many mg of CBD are in each increment. This enables me to tailor how much I’m taking to what I actually need and do some experimentation relating to that, rather than simply taking a dropper-full each time I dose and burning through the bottle more rapidly than need be.

    I plan to continue working with the Drops Plus as long as I’m able, and I will update accordingly if/when I notice more perceptible health shifts as a result. For now, thank you all at Frogsong for making a solid product and then attending to all the details around getting that out into the world in a good way.

  28. dpschoen

    I just started using Drops Plus and all is good, this product is just great.

  29. Scot

    I have been using the Drops Plus for about 2 months and the regular Drops for 7 months prior. As a result I am completely off of my pain medication. I was taking up to 1500 mg of medication a day. Being able to manage with the organic CBD rather than a chemical drug is awesome! Thank you Lissa and the Frogsong Farm family for a wonderful product!!

  30. rick.selwood

    I started using the Drops Plus (DP) a few months ago. I use it on days when my stress level is extremely high and I am unable to decompress. Recently I started to foster an epileptic dog with anxiety issues and after much research started her on DP from my supply. So I reached out to Chris(one of the owners) who was super helpful and attentive to my dogs particular needs. There has been a huge change in her behavior as a result. I highly recommend their products, and the customer service and attention to small details is first rate. Do yourself a favor and spend the few extra $$ for a quality product that is lab tested and certified over the less expensive questionable CBD’s. Thanks Frogsong Farm.

  31. John

    I started using CBD about a month ago. Thanks for making this great stuff organically!

  32. Randy Dyer

    I’m 68 years old male. I apply 2 drops twice a day.
    I have tried 5 or 6 CBD’s. Non work better. Thank You

  33. Bill

    I have tried numerous CBD products on the market and Frogsong Farm’s Drops Plus are, BY FAR, the most effective! The other companies claim to be full-spectrum but I simply don’t get the effects of the natural terpenes and entourage effect like I do with Frogsong Farm’s full-spectrum products. Not to mention, most of them import isolates from farms nowhere near their processing facilities! Everything at Frogsong is produced on-site, from the grow to the extraction and bottling! Their full-spectrum products are crafted by skilled growers and extractors who truly care more about their product, their environment and helping people than they do about making a buck. Their rubs are equally amazing, as well! I can’t say enough good things about the product and team of people at Frogsong Farm!

  34. Denise

    Thank you for such a great product.

    Denise (and Luke)

  35. Catherine Holmes

    Frogsong Farm tincture taken orally has helped with my insomnia. I recommend it to anyone looking for a natural approach to this issue. Plus any employee that I have had contact with from Frogsong Farm, either at their booth or by email has been super responsive and helpful in answering my questions candidly.

  36. Jan

    This product has significantly helped with back and sciatica pain. A huge difference. Thank you Frogsong Farm for amazing products.

  37. Jennifer

    Thank you Frogsong Farm I take the Drops Plus and it has done wonders for me.

  38. JJ

    I’ve found relief over a couple of months by using Frogsong’s DropsPlus twice a day, probably about 2.0 ml total. I know it sounds unbelievable and I can hardly believe it myself but this stuff works. I want to shout it from the rooftops!

  39. Elizabeth Lynn Frye

    I ordered this product and was unable to use it bc of olive oil taste . Perhaps this was due to my original start with CBD oil not being in olive oil . Regardless, the owner emailed me , called me and kindly refunded my money . As a business owner myself , I can truly state , this company cares about their clients . I would feel confident in recommending this company to anyone !

  40. Megan Winick

    I have been using this product for a couple of months now and it has helped so much with my anxiety and my over all well-being!! I use these drops twice a day, in the morning and at night and since starting this regime there has been such a positive shift in how I feel over all. Great product!!

  41. jrossedd

    I’m definitely a skeptic, no other supplements or even daily vitamins, just try to take care of myself. But because I trust the people of Frogsong Farm from way back, I tried this prouct. Omigosh, after a couple of weeks I felt like a giddy groupie, could not believe the difference and have started sleeping better, too. So glad I tried these products (I used Rubbit first, but for me, the drops are amazingly effective.)

  42. Mikey

    TBH I haven’t tried much CBD products prior to my experience with this tincture. However, after giving this a try I’ve gotta say my experience has been super awesome.

  43. Karen Brya

    I have to admit I was concerned at first about taking the drops, but I have been now for over a month. I hope that everyone that has a little skepticism gives it a try to find the great results I have.

  44. Lacy Peterson

    I cannot speak highly enough of this product! Plus the company is great- highly supportive and they really put their hearts into supplying these products- all the way to North Carolina. Thanks y’all!

  45. Winston Ross

    I’ve been sort of skeptical, overall, about CBD, because I haven’t tried many products that don’t have a good amount of THC in them and so it’s hard to discern what effect the CBD has. I’ve been using the drops plus for about a month now. Mostly I just feel calm and harder to rattle. And I know that because one day I forgot to take it and found myself irritated with everything and everyone around me, for no reason. It’s a nice balancer.

  46. Katie Reed

    I love this product! Unlike most people I use it a bit non-traditionally and mix it in with my facial lotion in the mornings. It has really helped. It is also great to take at night, I find it really helps me just before bed.

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