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Frogsong Farm Drops is our Organic Olive Oil based tincture. There are many uses including: Under the tongue; mixed with food and drink; as a massage oil.

  • Drops is available in two sizes: 1 oz | 2 oz
    • 1 oz has 300 mg Full Spectrum CBD
    • 2 oz has 600 mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • Grown in the USA using sustainable and all-natural practices
  • 30 day customer satisfaction and guarantee
  • FREE SHIPPING on all orders $50+ in the USA!


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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Full Spectrum CBD oil.

About CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of many cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that reacts with the endocannabinoid system, a vast network of cell receptors found throughout the human body to provide homeostasis (balance). CBD will NOT get you high. Our CBD is extracted from Hemp.

Basic Information

Tinctures combine CBD hemp oil into a liquid, making it easy to consume using a dropper. Frogsong Farm’s Drops and Drops Plus are designed to use a dropper filled to 1.0ml under your tongue (and held for at least 60-90 seconds) or mixed in food or drink.

Serving Size Guide

Dropper fill lineDrops (mg CBD)Drops Plus (mg CBD)


Just the good stuff

We make CBD infused products that use the highest quality, purest ingredients. We go with certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Our CBD combined with the pure, high-quality ingredients help to bring you the relief and energy you’re after without compromise.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our Proprietary Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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15 reviews for Drops

  1. george darville

    best product on the market. i have tried at least 15 different brands and frogsong was the best. g darvile jupiter florida

  2. Kate Wadhams

    I have taken the CBD drops for 3 months now and can say that they really do work for me. I am sleeping better. The edge is off. I will continue.
    Thank you.

  3. Pat from Philly

    Frogsong is the only place I go to or that I refer people to for the highest quality cbd products. Every morning my 3 dogs 🐕 and I line up for our cbd. Perfect in coffee with some reishi tincture.

  4. Dustin

    Customer service is 100%. The info provided and the info available is unmatched. The drops seem to work enough to take the edge off. I will continue to use them in hopes of finding the right combination. Thank you for endless education in your product.

  5. Edward Clark

    Great product!

  6. Bill A.

    Thank you Chris. Your friendly and courteous service over the phone was very much appreciated. Also, thank you for providing some of your valuable time to explain a little about the company, B Corp designation. Your CBD Oil is the best I have found. I’ve tried 3 or 4 previous to trying Frogsong. God bless.

  7. aandwk

    Just wanted to add my opinion of this company. I was not able to get the relief from the CBD drops for my particular pain issues. However, I received encouragement and suggestions from Chris during the time I was trying the drops. And when they didn’t resolve my problem, he refunded my purchase without delay and was courteous and supportive at all times. How refreshing to find a company that stands by their products and keeps their promises!

  8. Karen

    I ordered the drops on May 7th in the evening, it arrived today, May 10th. Super fast shipping! Can’t wait to try it! I love that the whole process (from planting the seed to packaging the completed product) is done by by Frogsong Farms in the USA. The prices are also very reasonable.

  9. Sharon Sparks

    Your drops ROCK. Even the first night taking them. Thank you for giving me a good night.

  10. kristawright0

    I was so incredibly skeptical of the benefits of CBD, but after taking these drops everyday for a few weeks. What a difference. I can’t really go without it now.

  11. DuAnn Frederick

    My Doctor actually recommended Frogsong farms and what a difference my life took. I’ve recommended the Rubbit to my brother and he too has had a life changing experience. Unbelievable product!

  12. Christie

    I woke up one morning and was delighted at how I felt. Then I realized that it was the CBD product. I’d only used it for two nights and did not expect such quick results. It is life altering.

  13. tframpton

    Terence – August 31, 2018
    I have tried several brands of CBD over 6 months. Frogsong is the brand that I feel is superior. This is because of the stability of quality that I have personally experienced. Quality for me means that no extra THC has found its way into the tincture because it is standardized well. That way I have no bad dreams etc.
    I put a prescribed number of drops into a small amount of warm water and drink it. Occasionally I use it topically. It works. Thank you Frogsong Farm.

  14. D

    I give the drops to my German Shepherd. He is also on several Rx meds, but these drops have made a noticeable difference.

  15. Kapu Dancel

    This tincture has been an invaluable asset. I’m a very active person, and often experience physical discomfort. Finding a natural alternative, that has significantly helped, has given me so much peace of mind. Knowing that I have something that isn’t damaging my body to relieve pain is such a gift. I highly recommend trying this tincture. I think it’s well worth experimenting with. I know this will be my go-to in the future. Thank you, Frogsong Farm.

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