Can I use Drops to help my pet?

Yes! While we formulated our products for human use, many of our customers are reporting great success with using them on their furry friends. They follow the guidelines they have found on the internet for amount of CBD by weight of their pet. We will, at some point in the future, look into making products specifically for pets. The generally accepted amounts recommended by veterinarians run from 2 to 5mg CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

As with humans, it is best to start out low and slow, in the range of 2mg per 10 pounds of pet body weight. If you are not seeing the results you want after a week or two, slowly increase the level by 1-2mg per serving. We have had customers reporting great results with both their cats and dogs at these levels. The great news is there is no overdose level, although too much could make your pet groggy.

Our tincture products are created using organic methods, including the extraction, and are then blended with pure organic extra virgin olive oil that pets love. You can put the serving size in with their food or let them lick it off your palms as a treat.

To determine what serving size to use for your pet, use the table below to find the fluid amount that corresponds to your desired CBD serving size. Your dropper comes complete with graduated markings to make measurement easy.

Serving Size Guide

Dropper fill lineDrops (mg CBD)Drops Plus (mg CBD)

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