Hemp extract vs. CBD extract in labeling: What’s the difference?

One of the top questions we get asked is, “How can I tell how much CBD is in a product”. There is a lot of confusion about labeling mg of hemp extract vs. mg of CBD. Many producers have taken all mention of “CBD” off their labels and substituted it with the words “Hemp Extract”, generally in an effort to circumvent the rules and regulations that the federal government, credit card gateway providers and large online stores operate under. You must know the % concentration of CBD in that hemp extract in order to know the actual amount of CBD you are paying for. You must have access to third-party test results for strength of CBD BEFORE you buy.

For example, if you talk to customer support at XYZ company, you may get them to admit that their 43mg of hemp extract contains only ~25mg CBD (a 60% concentration). If they can’t or won’t tell you, then run away from them. It is always best to have third-party test results in front of you. You can then use the concentration % to determine the actual cost per CBD mg you are paying. At Frogsong Farm, we value honesty and transparency as the cornerstones that drive our quality and customer satisfaction. We will always label in clear, easy to understand terms with the test results to back us up. When you do a final comparison, you will see that we have some of the lowest prices for the highest quality CBD products available anywhere.

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