Is there a standard dosage you recommend with Drops and Drops Plus?

  • Serving size is 1.0 ml as marked on the dropper.
  • Our Drops product delivers thirty 10mg servings of CBD per ounce.
  • Our Drops Plus product delivers thirty 25mg servings of CBD per ounce.

Each of us is different so one size will never fit all. We suggest starting low and going slow – start with a daily micro-dose of approximately 10mg CBD. Use the table below to determine the fluid amount that corresponds to your desired serving size using the graduated markings on the dropper. Journal your experience by writing down date, time, and amount, along with a few key questions specific to you. For example: What is my level of pain today? How is my arthritis? How anxious do I feel? Etc.

After a week, if you don’t see the results you’d like, increase the amount by approximately 5 mg. Do this each week until you achieve your desired results. Be patient as you are resetting your body internally. Remember, CBD is not a cure. It helps balance your body so you can respond better to all that life throws at you. Please do your own research – everyone’s body is different. Some people will find they can take a smaller amount of CBD and get the benefits they need; others will need to take more. (See our discussion in Hemp and CBD 101)

Serving Size Guide

Dropper fill lineDrops (mg CBD)Drops Plus (mg CBD)

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