What’s all the hype I’ve been reading about MCT oil?

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil has been a fad in the health food market for a while and is now making its rounds in the hemp industry as carrier oil in CBD tinctures. MCT is basically coconut oil refined to make it liquid at room temperature and most claims that MCT is good for the consumer are unfounded. MCT is a highly processed factory food, far removed from virgin coconut oil; calling it organic makes as much sense as calling processed white bread organic because it started out with organic whole grain flour. Unrefined coconut oil could be a superior carrier for CBD except it is not liquid at room temperature.

Enter olive oil. In addition to all its heart-healthy characteristics, backed by extensive research, olive oil is liquid at room temperature. Chemistry and science demonstrate why olive oil is a superior choice to MCT oil, and drove our decision to use it in our Drops tinctures at Frogsong Farm.

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