Why Frogsong Farm?

Frogsong Farm came about at the confluence of several wonderful things: our love of the earth, the growing of green things, and improving the health of the soil; our desire to do something good for people (and for critters too) to ease their pain through natural and benevolent methods; and the realization of a lifelong dream to work with family and friends doing something meaningful and fulfilling. And while we have a long way to go to be the company we want to be and accomplish all the good we want to accomplish, we have now completed a few of the most important steps as we begin our journey.

We have grown and harvested our second crop of beautiful craft hemp plants (from seeds bred locally in Oregon), using all-natural and sustainable cultivation practices. We extract the lovely cannabinoids and terpenes from our hemp using only organic ethanol. We turn that extract into a small line of incredibly effective products using only organic or all-natural ingredients. We are the very first B-Corp certified CBD company and are in the midst of the Organic certification process. And we have received many rave reviews from our customers and friends. Finally, we back up all of our products with third-party testing and our ironclad guarantee.

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