Cannabidiol’s moment in the spotlight is upon us! CBD beer.. puppy treats googletest… bath bombs… snacks… nowadays you can add it to your smoothie or even wash your hair with CBD shampoo! It’s everywhere, and for good reason. The science behind CBD‘s many uses and benefits continues to emerge. We are seeing people use CBD products to find relief from chronic conditions and maximize their quality of life. Chances are you already know someone who is benefitting from CBD. It’s so popular that it’s in the news yet again googletest.

Our fabulous Portland retailer Blue Marigold Massage offers CBD-infused topical oils in her massage practice. Owner Dali Singh was kind enough to discuss her CBD massages with KGW8 last week. Click here to see the video googletest. Dali is one of many local healers & bodyworkers who carry Frogsong Farm’s CBD products. If you’ve never experienced a CBD massage, add it to your to-do list. This combination takes self-care to a whole new level!

Blue Marigold Massage owner Dali Singh

See our expanded list of CBD retail businesses here.

We are thrilled at the level of awareness and enthusiasm surrounding CBD. Every day our customer base continues to grow, and the success stories we receive keep us farming through this Oregon heat wave googletest. The future of wellness and CBD is looking bright.

In the meantime, CBD kombucha, anyone?


Becca Recker & the Frogsong Farm Family

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