“KNOW YOUR FARMER” has become the mantra of health buffs in recent years. We are returning to slow food. Chefs, personal trainers, and sustainability activists all tout the benefits of being connected to your food source. Why eat local? Because fresh, locally grown food not only has better flavor and a more robust nutrition profile, but also fewer food miles and a lighter ecological footprint. It keeps dollars in the local economy. It strengthens community connections. Food with a story is better all around.

Smoked salmon from Kenai-Red Fish Company

We’re in the heart of a wildly fertile region called the Willamette Valley. Small farms abound. And yet, it’s not always convenient to source local food. We’re thankful to farmer’s markets that bring dozens of famers and vendors to one place, connecting growers and shoppers. Now there’s a movement toward online farmer’s markets as well, making it easy to shop for local goods from the comfort of your home. One such market is launching NOW, and you can be a part of it from its inception. It is called Farm and Sell. Click here to meet our friend and Farm & Sell founder Russ Marchewka, former beach volleyball player turned health food activist.
Farmandsell.com is an online marketplace to buy and sell food locally.  There are amazing farms (including Frogsong Farm!), local family businesses, and home gardeners selling their wares throughout the Portland/Vancouver area. (You can read interviews with each producer here.) Simply purchase items online, and pick them up on farm or have them delivered to you. Please note: not all farms offer on-site pick up.

Want to stock up on raw honey? Can do. Been thinking about investing in some pasture raised meat? That’s available, too. You can even purchase culinary mushrooms and micro greens. We love the concept (in fact, Becca
helped launch a similar project several years back), so if you love it too, please share Farm and Sell with everyone you know!

Heirloom tomatoes from Red Truck Farm


Highlights of FarmandSell.com:
-NO membership fee!
-Buy farm direct, support local growers
-Coordinate timing with growers for peak freshness
-Buy in bulk for even better deals- consider canning, dehydrating, or freezing so you can enjoy summer flavors all year.
-Options for delivery or on-farm pick up

Farm & Sell is giving $10 off your first order to the next 25 new members that activate accounts, so go to the site and sign up right now!

Honeycomb from Anna Kravetz

We are pleased to have our full line of CBD products available through the Farm and Sell online marketplace. Items ordered from F&S can be shipped or picked up at the PSU farmers market. We are looking forward to reaching more locavores with access to our pure, ethically produced CBD products. (We’re pretty excited to get our hands on some of that honeycomb as well!)

Frogsong Farm CBD oil – Drops contains 300 mg active CBD in every ounce.

What is your favorite seasonal farm product?
Til next time,
Becca Recker & The Frogsong Farm Family
PS: Click here to read Farm & Sell’s interview with Frogsong Farm where we discuss the decision to grow hemp, our dream collaborators, and where we go when we’re not farming.

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