Focus, Skill & Determination (Chalk helps, too)
(Photo by Vladek Zumr)

At A Glance

Lisa Chulich

DOB: May 1992

Hometown: Olympia, WA

Current: Portland, OR

Education: Biology BS, Math minor:  University of Portland 2014

Athletics: Rock climbing, beach volleyball, surfing, trail running

Why do I use CBD?
Topical – Localized anti-inflammatory
Tincture – Calming after high stress events, balancing after hours of flights and travel

Getting Starstruck

Hi, Everyone! Becca here.

Portland is a pretty rad place. And a small place. Two years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Chulich in a friend’s kitchen. Lisa is a member of the USA rock climbing team, as well as a competetive beach volleyball player, surfer, fitness model, and all around health and wellness buff. I remember, as a new rock climber myself, being a bit starstruck and trying to play it cool as she complimented my sandals and poured herself a kombucha. It’s not every day that you get to meet local pro athletes with whom you share values and interests.

(Photo by David Salafia)

Fast forward to today. Lisa and I have stayed connected, and now we at Frogsong Farm are pleased to provide her with pure, high end CBD products to support her in her athletic endeavors. We got together last month before she boarded a plane to Rocklands, South Africa for some climbing. Check out her website to follow along with her adventures.

In Her Own Words

“I can’t remember not being able to do a handstand. Or the first time I climbed a tree. Growing up playing in the woods and competing as a gymnast, I have always been curious and driven to accomplish new skills. When the gym closed in my hometown, I still craved the movement of gymnastics, the feats of strength/balance, and, chalk. So, I transitioned into rock climbing and volleyball, both of which brought me to national level competitions that first year.

After a brief break from climbing, I have continued traveling the world to compete for the US at World Cup competitions and to project routes outside. As for life off the rocks, my time on the court switched to competing in sand volleyball, trail running, and chasing after surf. I live for athletic movement. The process of pushing myself both in training and playing outside leaves me exhausted and full of joy every time!”


(Photo by Rob Werlinger)

“As a climber, I use the Rubbit salve on my finger joints/tendons after brutal days climbing and finger training to reduce some of the stress there without sending anti-inflammatory signals to my entire body. I also used it daily on my recent mcl tear to help reduce pain at night and inflammation. Beginning 4 days after the injury, I was very thankful to have access to the salve. The tincture is calming after high stress events and balancing after hours of flights and travel.

Frogsong Farm CBD is my go-to trusted source. 100% created on their farm, pure, and effective.” -Lisa Chulich

(Photo by Kyle Deboer)


Thanks, lovely Lisa for partnering with Frogsgong Farm and helping educate folks in the climbing community on the benefits of CBD. Belay on!

Ready to try out CBD for yourself? We ship our oils and topicals to all fifty states for FREE! Order now using Lisa’s code, CLIMB10 to save 10% during the month of June!

Until next time,
Becca Recker & the Frogsong Farm Family


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