April Showers Brought May Flowers

The promise of summer can be seen all over the farm. The fields are prepped and fertilized. The marionberries and blueberries are loaded with blossoms and buzzing bees. The days are stretching into sunny evenings on the back porch. Can you feel it too?

May wildflowers adorn the hillside on Dog Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge. 

Field Notes

The 2019 growing season has begun! After a winter of waiting, planning, and preparing, we’ve finally reached our favorite season of the year. Every May through October, we get to actively grow CBD-rich hemp to share with our community, near and far. This is our third year growing hemp and we’re dedicated to getting better each time around.

On May 9th we gathered the family for our season-launch seeding party. We spent the day, dawn to dusk, tucking our hemp seeds into seed trays, one by one. We placed those trays into long rows in the greenhouse and let the seeds work their magic. A week later, they’re already peeking out of the soil and reaching toward the light. Hemp is a tenacious plant; if you stand still long enough, you can practically watch it grow. Next month we’ll transplant them into the ground and they’ll stretch their eager roots deep into the soil we’ve prepared for them.

Lead extractor Reid Adams hard at work with his usual sunny disposition.
Great grandfather and retired MD Bob Adams rolls up his sleeves for hemp seeding day.


We just received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. We strive to be a company known for sound and ethical business practices and impeccable customer service. Reputable awards like this one (and our status as a Certified B Corporation) continue to separate Frogsong Farm from most of the CBD industry – an arena running wild with opportunists and questionable quality standards. We’re here to build a long-lasting relationship with the public that is built on transparency, accountability, and trust. To learn more about the Better Business Bureau, which has been around since 1912, click here.


Frogsong Farm apparel is now available in the web store! You too can represent Frogsong Farm with your own t-shirt, hoodie, or hat. We’re very proud of the quality and craftsmanship of these items and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Our short sleeve tees are 60% hemp / 40% organic cotton! You can view the whole apparel line here. And who knew that our team of outdoorsy farmers also doubled as t-shirt models?

Organic cotton and hemp combine to make these Frogsong Farm shirts eco-friendly and surprisingly soft.
Our hoodies are 100% organic cotton. Order yours today at FrogsongFarm.com!


We were recently interviewed by Flowertown.com about the ways craft hemp differs from regular or “industrial hemp” (as it’s legally termed). Spoiler: this isn’t the kind of hemp you’d use to make rope and fabric. This is highly medicinal, low-THC cannabis for therapeutic use. Read the full scoop here: The Rise of Craft Hemp

We also contributed to an article published on MissGrass.com that dispels common CBD beauty myths. Read more here to learn which products to try out, and which ones to skip. Tip: look for full-spectrum and high concentrations any time you’re shopping products with CBD. Better yet, skip the novelty products altogether and stick with high-strength, carefully sourced CBD that is proven to deliver results. 

This week, the New York Times published a truly excellent article titled “Can CBD Really Do All That?” This piece profiles families using CBD to treat pediatric epilepsy, recounts the discovery of the endo-cannabinoid system in 1992, and explores countless studies on CBD in the treatment of a range of disorders from anxiety to opioid addiction. We highly recommend all serious CBD users take the time to read this article.

CBD is the subject of national discussion and research. Check out this thorough article from New York Times to deepen your understanding of CBD.

One important thing to bear in mind: not all CBD is created equal. CBD’s efficacy is greatly affected by the source, processing methods, and the form in which it is consumed. Quality is a driving principle at Frogsong Farm. We grow hemp that is high in CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, but we don’t stop there. We harvest by hand and extract our CBD with great care and attention to detail. We formulate our CBD products to deliver effective doses in forms that are readily available to the body, and undergo third party lab testing to demonstrate purity & potency. The promise of CBD is only as good as the CBD product you’re using. Thank you for putting your trust in Frogsong Farm and supporting us in our pursuit of excellence! It’s our privilege to be your hemp farmers.

Winning Review

Every month, we randomly select one winner from the customers who have taken the time to review our products. The prize is any one ounce Frogsong Farm product. This month’s winner is G.M., who shared the following:

“I have had amazing results using the product on the arthritis in my right foot. The pain had become so bad that I was walking on the outside of my foot (which of course caused a number of other problems in that leg & hip). Regular use (2x day) with the CBD balm has made it possible for me to put weight on the entire foot again! Since the product is for inflammation, I decided to experiment and use it for the rosacea on my face with amazing results. None of the prescription products that I have used over the years has calmed the redness to this degree.”

Special thanks to G.M. for sharing their story with us. Do you have a CBD success story? Tell us all about it in our reviews section. You could be our next winner!

How do you use Frogsong Farm CBD?
Share your feedback with us in the reviews section at FrogsongFarm.com. Photo: Daisy Warren

As always, you can find our full line of CBD tinctures, salves, and balms here. Remember to check out our blog periodically for new content, and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram as well!

Growing, growing…

Until next time,
The Frogsong Farm Family

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