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We’re fortunate as craft hemp farmers to be receiving so much enthusiasm and support from our friends in the cannabis industry. After all, the cannabis sphere is where much of the public is first introduced to CBD. It’s advantageous for all of us to have strong alliances across industry lines – this enables us to build stronger businesses and better serve the diverse needs of our customers.

It was our privilege to join Wayne Schwind on the Periodic Effects Podcast, a science and business-centric podcast for people interested in the world of cannabis. Wayne is Founder & CEO of Periodic Edibles, an infused caramel company. From PeriodicEffects.com: “This podcast takes a deeper look at the stories behind cannabis business owners, founders and executives. We discuss how they entered the industry, past experience, their value proposition and insights on how they see the industry evolving. A NEW Guest interview every week.”


In Episode 066, Wayne and Becca discuss the origins of Frogsong Farm and what it means to grow “craft hemp”. How do we separate ourselves from the sea of emerging CBD companies? Seed-To-Shelf operations, B Corp certification, and beyond-organic growing and production practices are certainly a start!


Frogsong Farm’s Marketing Lead, Becca Recker & Lead Grower, Brett Adams

This real-life conversation is a welcome alternative to reading another CBD article. Grab a cup of coffee and visit Periodic Effects. Simply click the “Play” button to hear the full version. (This audio file is pre-recorded and can be played any time.) And don’t forget to try out tasty Periodic Caramels, sooner than later!

Do you have a favorite podcast, blog, or print publication that you’d like to feature Frogsong Farm? Let us know! We love to talk CBD.

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