Rubbit™ 500

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Frogsong Farm Rubbit™500 is a soothing topical salve crafted with oils and has 2 X the strength of Rubbit™250. It is our best value salve! Use this for extra relief. “A little goes a long way!”

  • Rubbit™ 500 is available in 2 sizes: 1oz | 2oz
    • 1oz has 500 mg Full Spectrum CBD
    • 2oz has 1000 mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • Craft hemp grown in the Willamette Valley of Oregon using sustainable & all-natural practices
  • 30-Day customer satisfaction guarantee!
  • FREE SHIPPING on all orders $50+ in the USA!
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Shea Nut Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Argan Oil*, Almond Oil*, Beeswax*, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, and our proprietary blend of Essential Oils (Orange*, Mint*, and Clove*).


About CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of many cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that reacts with the endocannabinoid system, a vast network of cell receptors found throughout the human body to provide homeostasis (balance). CBD will NOT get you high. Using our salves will NOT make you fail a drug test. Our CBD is extracted from Hemp.

Due to temperature and moisture changes during shipping and storage, you may find moisture beads on the top of your salve. These beads will disappear the first time you use it, or you can also leave the lid off of the jar in a dry setting and the moisture will evaporate over time.

Basic Information

Our Rubbit™ rich emollient salves are oil-based which makes them anti-bacterial in their nature.

Rubbit™ performs best when skin conditioning is also desired:  Imagine recovering from a long day exposed to snow and wind, coming inside after working in the garden or winding down after a rigorous workout.  Use Rubbit™ salve for inflamed, painful areas, plus dry skin and a luxurious, spa-like experience.

Due to the oils, try to keep them stored at or below 75F.


Remember, a little goes a long way!

Apply a small amount to an affected area and rub it in. You should register relief within several minutes. Depending on your skin type and other conditions, you may need to apply more of the salve. You cannot apply too much of our salve, as there is no overdose level. This salve, in addition to the benefits derived from its CBD content, also provides excellent skin moisturizing and soothing effects.

Additional information


1 oz, 2 oz


Aches, Pains, Inflammation, Irritated Skin

52 reviews for Rubbit™ 500

  1. Brenda Bailey

    Wish I could bathe in rubbit 500 takes awhile to rub it in all the areas of discomfort, knees, hips, lower back, neck, feet and hands. Use it daily along with cbd dropsplus makes my days moveable and nights I sleep…. Thank You Frogsong.

  2. Kaitlyn O’Brien

    This is my second jar of the Rubbit 500! I mainly use it for my chapped lips, but I’ve also used it on my neck. This is the best balm out there!

  3. George Emery

    I have issues with my hands. This product was recommended and it hasn’t disappointed. I rub the topical on my hands and wrists at night and find the relief is almost instant in alleviating the achiness. Will definitely buy again.

  4. Ruth Makinster

    I have used this product almost daily for 3 years. I deal with extreme nerve discomfort and swelling in my neck and knee from past injuries. As a result, I have tried a number of CBD products. This salve is incredibly effective and, sometimes, is the only reason I am able to sleep at night. It provides prompt and long lasting relief. NOTE: They really mean it when they say a little goes a long way! Of course, it depends on how big of an area you are treating; for me, a 2oz jar lasts me a WHOLE YEAR. I am so grateful for this product and every time I purchase it I am confident that I am investing in a better quality of life.

    P.S.: It smells so good.

  5. Daryl Simonson

    I’m on my second jar of Rubbit 500 and it has done more to ease the discomfort I get in my fingers and hands than any other product I have tried. I highly recommend it

  6. Seann Tanner

    This product works wonders for the discomfort in my hands. Couldn’t function for an hour, let alone a whole day, without it! Great product!

  7. Jim O

    I am an amateur beekeeper in Ohio and periodically suffer bee stings. I apply a small amount of Rubbit 500 on the affected area and the pain and swelling is remarkably reduced in less than an hour. This is a terrific pain relieving salve.

  8. Doug Govan

    Rubbit 500 is a great product. Works great on my sore aching bones. 😁

  9. Deborah H.

    I recently tried the Rubbit 500 – on my very sensitive, extremely irritated fingers and hands due to the cold weather and the Covid required constant washings etc. My fingers are very cut and swollen, can barely use my hands, and I am too young for this and too active!l. They hurt all the time until I tried this! Wow within minutes I had relief and all the other steroids prescription cream medications were not working. I am sold, as this is the only thing that has helped me in many months of trying everything else. Thank you Frogsong Farms, happy I found you guys!!

  10. Bill West

    I used this on my arm after getting a vaccine shot in my tricep.
    It really helped keep any pain away. I used it on the sore area for 3 days following and it was magic!
    Highly recommend!

  11. Loren Wilson

    I have been using on my hands to relieve arthritis pain for several years now. Recently strained my shoulders and found that the Rubbit 500 is a great relief for them as well. Thanks FrogSongFarm.

  12. Katherine LaPaglia

    I tried a sample of Rubbit 500 while on vacation in Oregon last year, I found it to be effective in relieving discomfort in my back and knees from too much walking, etc. I ordered when I got home so have been using it for over a year now; recommended to a friend in my Walking Group and she too is now a regular user. This really works!

  13. Stephen Ross

    I’ve been using Rubbit 500 for 3 years now and love it. I have some arthritis in the knuckles of my hands and feet and nothing has given me relief except Rubbit 500. Great product.

  14. Beth Smith

    After years of running and jumping, I have a few parts showing wear and tear even just walking longer distances now. Rubbit500 is a GREAT help for me. I use it regularly to minimize the effects of all that wear and tear. Thank you.

  15. Jeannie Smith-Brufach

    Rubbit topical help in a way that no other topical can. I highly recommend this.

  16. Beth McNeill

    I have been suffering with wear and tear on my body for months. After using this rub with a combination of the drops, within 3 weeks I was virtually a new person.

  17. Paul Ruch

    used for shoulder. thanks.

  18. Julie Schleier

    This product is amazing. We were camping a few years ago in Colorado and talked to one of our neighbors who told us how amazing the product was. He was right. It takes a very small amount to do the trick. I’m a customer for life.

  19. Amanda W.

    Great product; would highly recommend! I am often sore as a result of intense workouts and need to be ready to train again the next day.

  20. Jerry Rothauser

    I used the 250 and it was fantastic. The 500 may be even better! I use both.

  21. Jocelyn

    I’ve been using Frogsong’s Rubbit 500 for over a week now and it is wonderful!

  22. Cathy S

    Great product. I would recommend the salve and will continue to use it.

  23. Dr. Michael Levine (Ph.D. in History)

    Phenomenal results after 9 months of application twice daily. This Rubbit 500 is a superb product with incredible results!

  24. Brianna F.

    I recently received a 1oz jar of the Rubbit 500, which I won as part of a giveaway. I have now been using it regularly for the past couple of weeks and I love it! I couldn’t recommend this product enough and I will definitely be purchasing in the future. Thank you, Frogsong!

  25. Phillip Deas

    Another fantastic product. My wife uses it on her back. Since using product she is able to sleep better at night. We highly recommend this product. We have toured the farm and have confidence in the quality of their products.

  26. Denyce Biewer

    My 95 yearold mother has been using the Rubbit 500 for several years. It works so well, she panics when she first opens her last jar in the closet. She is still living alone in her own home, and Frog Song Farm May be part of the reason! Thank you!

  27. Dr. Michael Levine (Ph.D. in History)

    I have been using the Rubbit 500 for for 6 months; I have also been giving it to librarians at Beaverton City Library to test out with great efficacy; the results for me have shown a consistent 50% improvement; the librarians report great results as well. I highly recommend this natural product which is 5X stronger than the CBD sold at our local Fred Meyer store!

  28. Michelle

    Like many people, I was skeptical of CBD topicals. I was given a sample of Rubbit 500 and thought, what have I got to lose? I rubbed this into my feet and was I ever surprised! I actually slept through the night. Last week I rubbed this all over myself (thank God a little goes a long way) and once again, was able to rest and sleep. This is a huge deal for me. The scent is fantastic too.

  29. Susan

    I am never without 500 Rubbit Salve. It takes a very short time after applying it to feel much better. If it’s very bad I also use the 1500 CBD oral drops. It always works. What a blessing!

  30. Donna Milrany

    Rubbit is the only comfort product I’ve found in four months. Thank goodness my naturopath gave me a sample!

  31. Terry Hribal

    Used it every night. Makes for a comfortable nights sleep. Then I tried it for other issues. Offered it to someone who had never tried CBD and she was amazed. Great great stuff that doesn’t require a prescription. Score!! Thanks!


    I visited the Milwaukee Or. Farmers market and was given a free sample of the Rubbit 500 topical salve. I used it on then and there and it started working almost immediately. Unbelievable !! I need to order some more ASAP. Thank you.

  33. Rick in Oregon

    I was a CBD skeptic before discovering that Frogsong Farm Rubbit 500 and Drops Plus not only made an amazing difference with some foot challenges but also, as an added bonus, addressed an additional issue I had. Thanks to those products I can now walk in a normal manner and can sleep peacefully again.

  34. SS

    The balm has a really mild, pleasant (to me) scent. It’s not super fast-absorbing (I applied it a couple of hours ago and can still feel it), but it’s not greasy in any way. My skin feels less raw and really lovingly cared for. Thank you!

  35. Sharon Sparks

    I received a sample at a show in Denver and I fell in love with it. I have now tried other products of yours and I have to say you truly know how to make a person feel better. Thank you!

  36. virginia snyder

    We really like your product a lot. We both use it. My husband uses it on his wrist and knees, too.

  37. Joseph Cariss

    Our daughter lives in Portland Oregon and introduced us to Frogsong Farm products. There is absolutely no downside – the Rubbit 500 is especially effective and I recommend it without any reserve. At 77 years of age, the physical comfort I feel is a blessing totally attributable to the CBD salve from Frogsong Farm. I feel that it can be used with total confidence.

  38. Phil

    The use of the Rubbit 500 has made it possible for us to do many things that we would not be able to do otherwise. Please keep up the good work, we also use your CBD drops.

  39. Alice

    It’s an amazing product. My son told us about it when he used it after a motorcycle accident.

  40. Annebelle

    I have used this salve for a variety of physical issues. It worked well enough to allow me to fall asleep! I love the smooth texture and the scent is mild and pleasant compared to tiger balm.

  41. Brooke

    I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that I love your product! My health care provider of many years has worked with me through many running injuries. She has never steered me wrong with her advice and care. So when she recommended your salve, I knew it would be a winner – and it is!

    Thanks for making such an awesome product 🙂

    – Brooke

  42. Michael Elton

    Highly recommend this product. It works so well for me that I bought some for my grandma. She has seen a sharp improvement since in her comfort level because of it.

  43. vtl

    I use Rubbit 500. It has been incredibly effective. I have tried a CBD topical from another source and it was not nearly as effective. This product is great and I highly recommend it.

  44. Megan Winick

    I love this product! It helps me so much before and after training. I also notice a huge difference when I rub it on my knees after running. This product has truly been a life saver for me. I have let a lot of my teammates and friends try this as well and they all can’t believe how well it works!

  45. Noah

    I use the Rubbit on my lower back and neck and within 15 minutes or less I feel much better. Strongly recommended to anyone.

  46. Lacy Peterson

    The salve is my go to treatment for aches. The salve is also helping as I go through some rehab. My dad also uses it for his knees- he says its more effective than taking ibuprofen. Thanks!

  47. Keenan

    Works miracles on tight muscles and headaches. Definitely recommend!!!

  48. Keenan

    Rubbit 500 has helped immensely for tight muscles and headaches. Would definitely recommend ??

  49. Bruce Huck

    Trioasis-PDX – April 03/2108
    Rubbit500 is a perfect beginning and end of the day application to the face for the every day tension we have to deal with. Absolutely love it.
    Bruce H. Founder – CEO of Trioasis-PDX

  50. Don Peters

    True confession – I’m a 75 year old conservative with a serious “prove-it-to-me” attitude. And yet in just the last three days I have been confronted by the reality that a “natural product”, specifically Frogsong Farm’s topical CBD salve has helped me in a non-invasive way that no other product has ever come close to duplicating.

    A big thanks to the folks at Frogsong Farm for taking the initiative to make this highly effective product available.

  51. Kapu D.

    My husband and I love this salve. I train Aerial/circus arts and he trains BJJ. Needless to say, we both are usually very sore and often covered in bruises. This salve is great!

    I think this salve has a ton of amazing uses, but personally, I think it’s an awesome tool for athletes in assisting in recovery! Regarding the scent, I actually really LIKE it 🙂

  52. Janet A.

    Rubbit500 is an amazing product, my arthritic hands really respond to it. Thanks for making such a positive life changing effect on my life. Janet A.

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