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Honey, Pork, & Berries- Oh My! Eat Local with Farm & Sell

“KNOW YOUR FARMER” has become the mantra of health buffs in recent years. We are returning to slow food. Chefs, personal trainers, and sustainability activists all tout the benefits of being connected to your food source. Why eat local? Because fresh, locally grown food not only has better flavor and a more robust nutrition profile, […]

The Heart of Frogsong: Byrdie McCoy’s interview with Becca Recker

*  *  *  *  *   (*This interview was originally published on the Byrdie’s Babes website. Byrdie McCoy is an amazing, resilient, bright star of a person and it’s been my pleasure to enjoy her friendship! Thanks Byrdie for all the support- you’re doing wonderful things!* -Becca) Hello! “While I was pregnant I had the […]

Where MMA meets CBD: Interview with Megan Winick!

Sponsored Athlete Spotlight: Megan Winick  Frogsong Farm is based in Oregon, but has many dear friends and family members in Colorado. One such friend is MMA fighter Megan Winick! We’re proud to sponsor Megan and support her as she trains and competes.  Megan was kind enough to answer a few questions for our FSF community. […]