It’s always a treat to share Frogsong Farm’s story with the world. We were recently pleased to be featured on ModernFarmer.com in Brian Barth’s story, “The Rise and Rise of the Artisanal Hemp Farm.”

The following is an excerpt from the article. “Despite the homey, all-natural image of CBD products, the hemp that goes into them is largely being cultivated on industrial-scale, pesticide-drenched farms like any other commodity crop. The harvest is then brought to a central processing plant, converted into CBD concentrate and sold wholesale to herbal suppliers and cosmetics companies that make the products found on shelves.

Frogsong Farm is one of a select few hemp operations that harvest the crop by hand and process it into their own line of small-batch health products, says Adams. The business is a family affair, with Adams’ wife, Connie, and their three sons, David, Reid and Brett, pitching in with everything from raising the crop to selling it at local farmers’ markets…”

Click here to read the full article, and please share with your community. (One correction, in the interest of transparency: as of March 2019, Frogsong Farm has *applied* for organic certification. Since our inception, we have employed earth-conscious growing practices that aim to benefit the soil, water, pollinators, and local ecosystems.)

This article has been shared 520 times so far. Wow! It is clear that CBD users want to know the story behind the label; we all want hemp and CBD that we can trust, and it is our privilege to grow it. Thank you for choosing farm-direct, safe, reliable CBD products from Frogsong Farm. We look forward to serving you for many years to come. 

All Of Us at Frogsong Farm 

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