Rubbit™ Salves Moving to Glass Jars

We strive to continuously improve as an earth-friendly company. To that end, we are transitioning to glass jars, which are reusable, recyclable, and more sustainably produced. The new one and two-ounce jars of Rubbit contain the same amount of pain-relieving product as the old plastic jars. Look for these beautiful new jars in the coming months. They will be accompanied by beautiful new labels with a new color scheme for the Rubbit™500. (Pictures soon)

Discontinued 1/2 oz jars of Rubbit

Along with our move to glass jars, we are streamlining our offerings. We have decided to stop offering our ½ ounce jars of Rubbit. They will be available at our PSU Farmer’s Market booth for the next month or until they sell out.

Shipping Costs Are Increasing

We are seeing an increase in the costs to ship our products. In order to meet our commitment to keeping our prices among the lowest in the industry, we will be instituting a $5.00 shipping charge on all orders under $50.00 starting January 1, 2019.